Steve Bannon’s Stealth War on America;And Why He’s Winning

By Lauren Wagner  

In the wake of the terrorist attack this weekend in Charlottesville and the the surreal and tragic tiki-torch march for white supremacy I found myself thinking about Steve Bannon. Researching and writing about him in January gave me a sense of security. I honestly thought that his radical ideologies, conspiracy theories, and the fact that he’s a self-proclaimed Leninist would make him one of the most likely to orchestrate a self inflicted wound to the MAGA movement, and one of the first to be fired. Now, instead it seems that actually, things are going very well according to the Bannon agenda.

Bannon has stated that his goal is to “destroy the state” to “bring everything crashing down, and destroy today’s establishment.”

Incidents like Charlottesville are the building blocks for a racial and religious war he’s been spouting conspiracies about for years. Right now there’s chaos and uncertainty surrounding healthcare, civil rights, environmental safeguards, immigration, food regulations, and  foreign policy…just to name a few. There’s also unprecedented clashing between the judicial and executive branches of power. And most importantly acts of domestic terror, hate-based assaults, and violence against places of worship are at an all time high. If Bannon’s goal is to ‘destroy the establishment’ he may be the most accomplished member of this white house staff thus far.

See below for  my January post with more information on Bannon’ background and beliefs. 〈First Posted  Cadence-Pro   1/30/17 07:09 PM CST〉   

Steve Bannon threatens the sanctity of true patriotism on the right and left sides of American politics. While many reports are focusing on him telling the press to, “Keep its mouth shut”.

The mainstream press is covering the spinning from White House staff while missing the significance of Bannons influence and underplaying the dangers of his agenda. Part of his ultimate goal is to hurl all Americans towards a race/religious war he’s been conspiring about for years. A religious and ideological war that will in fact make America significantly less safe, and ripe for Bannon to promote, not Trump’s “policies”, but policies that advance what have always been his radical political goals and beliefs about our Democratic system.

He’s not just Anti-Liberal, or Alt-Right as he conspired about in programming at Breightbart News. He also betrays the loyal beliefs of those supporting President Trump while acting in a key role where he’s supposed to be helping the new administration develop strategies for implementing his policies smoothly.

Bannon has proudly claimed he’s a Leninist. As reported in The Daily Beast Bannon described furthering his goals by saying,

“I’m a LeninistLenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

Vladimir Lenin was a Russian Communist revolutionary who’s version of Marxismwas named after him. Marxism is the official ideology of the ruling parties of Cuba, China, Vietnam, and Laos. It was also the official ideology of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

For a Marxist/Leninist the goal would be to destroy the state & all of the establishments in place today. This political philosophy seeks to then create and further develop powerful socialist states. Marxism and Leninism undermine American values with their ideology supporting a vanguard party, and a one party state. They also have opposition to capitalism and their policy promotes an economy based on state-dominance as well as the idea of internationalism.

Now, in the recent reorganization of the National Security Council (NSC est. 1947) the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, who are national security experts, have been demoted. Bannon meanwhile, was elevated from his position at the white House to the top of the NSC with no more national security experience than any other American who served in the military. These roles are usually held for Generals with extensive national security expertise. Perhaps most importantly though, Americans don’t politicize national security policies because it undermines all of our basic values and plays a dangerous political game with the safety of American citizens and Americas children.

As we debate which values are most important to conservative versus liberal Americans democratic values we ALL respect are being forgotten if not blatantly undermined and threatened behind our backs , yet right in plain sight. Americans respect values like unity, freedom of speech,freedoms of religion, and capitalism as well as limited government involvement; All common held values at odds with Bannon’s core self-described beliefs.

As the head of Breitbart News Network Bannon blames and vilifies ‘big journalism’ and ‘big government’ with theatrical flare. Now, as he’s gained power Bannon attempts to take over those roles through policy and rhetoric to  become the one and only “trusted voice” for ‘the people. Breightbart and Bannon  prey on the fears of truly patriotic Americans to serve their radical agenda, and over the years they’ve gotten good at packaging it.When asked by the Richmond Times Dispatch to speak on what keeps him going Bannon said,

“Fear is a good thing. Fear is going to lead you to take action. “

Bloomberg writer Joshua Green  was unfortunately all too accurate with his October, 2015 article describing Bannon as “the most dangerous political operative in America”.

With the ear of the President he denounces the very government he’s supposed to be protecting and providing sound council to. His goals are supposed to reflect the betterment of our democratic system, not disrespect the authority and sanctity of our 3 branch system which has served America for so long. . He’s failing Trump with sloppy ineffective and unconstitutional policy rollouts on what could have been more common-sense vetting measures. Instead he has isolated the administration and created chaos with executive bans on immigration that were not only rushed and chaotic, but also serve to divide us amongst ourselves as well as from our allies.

Then our chronic political in-fighting leaves us fatigued, distracted, and vulnerable to foreign powers as well as domestic threats to our basic American ideals. Changing this narrative is now part of our civic duty. Fearmongering is a powerful tool, and it’s being used to justify self-inflicted wounds on Americas fight on terrorism.

Bannon takes advantage of Americans who earnestly just want to preserve freedom and enjoy safety from terror.  With haphazard sweeping immigration bans he  instigates a religious war Americans want nothing to do with and helps serve personal goals for creating chaos that will bring down the democratic system.







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