Same Words, Different Languages

Are we using the same words to speak different languages?

In this new era of alt-facts, and the alt-right I’m examining alternative meanings, or alt-meanings, in our strange new world of words. The meaning of a word is determined by the native language speakers use of it. We acknowledge that words have power, but rarely own the fact that we are the highest authority holding that power.Culture and language are constantly changing and recent narratives have highlighted this more than ever.Not only are people politically polarized, but now words themselves seem to hold general alt-meanings depending on who you ask.


1.Peaceful citizen exercising rights.

2.Paid protesters.

3.Protectors marching as protectors of our society.

4.Unemployed lazy people

5.Anarchists, Thugs, Rioters


7.Demonstrating strong objection publically.

  1. Protections = act of marching for American sanctity.


Fake News
  1. Clickbait made to get views, and tamper with political public opinion through intentionally false propaganda.
  2. Opinion editorials wrapped up & staged like news (i.e. Breightbart, Sean Hannity, Tomi Lahren).
  3. CNN (per Trump)
  4. Maybe anything but Fox

1.Something people call you now.

2. Literal meaning, flake of snow. As in an avalanche is made of many flakes of snow.

3.Ironically used in 1860’s for a person opposed to the abolition of slavery.

  1. Overly sensitive liberal.

5.Soft millennial

6.New-ish ‘insulting’ name to call liberals


1.A person who is intolerant towards people holding different opinions.

  1. A person who treats members of a marginalized group with hatred, superiority and intolerance.

3.Something people call you now.

4.Something you think you’re not, a misunderstanding…?

  1. Something you proudly own (i.e. white nationalist).

1.Place for higher learning.

  1. Liberal propaganda machine.
Alternative Facts (Alt-Facts)


2.Facts to be blindly believed because ‘the media’ conspires to lie.

  1. Amazing PR spin skills
Good Leader


  1. Putin




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