8 Reasons The Immigration Orders Aren’t Like Any We’ve Had Before:And Why they Don’t Make America Safe Again

By Lauren Wagner ©Cadence-Pro 1/30/17 ¦10:44 PM CST

There’s a stark difference between creative policy innovation and haphazard execution of ill advised, incomplete, and just drafted national security restrictions on immigration. Unfortunately these travel bans won’t help target terrorists, or those who adopt radical islamic ideologies, and they serve as more of a cause for chaos and liability than a safeguard for national security.

The impulsive rollout broke with the long-held methods of drafting policy and consulting with federal agencies and experts in the government. Trump exercised executive power in an all new unilateral way. This ban deliberately overruled the Department of Homeland Swcurity and was signed before the office of legal counsel even had a chance to review it.
Implementation of these broad orders disregards legal principle, denies due process and the fallout of the legal confusion flaunted disrespect for judicial authority.
Federal courts ruled to block deportations and border officials refused to comply with the courts orders. This is an unprecedented conflict between the branches of government. It potentially challenges the separations of powers performing in their roles of checks and balances, and such a challenge could lead to a constitutional crisis.
The immigration ban will be used as a tool for ISIS propaganda recruiting new members to radicalize and convincing them that America wants a religious war.
While the Syrian Civil War was raging the Obama administration let in just a trickle of Syrian refugees. Compared to other nations the U.S. took such a small fraction of refugees that it did very little to help with refugee crisis. Their policies did lengthy vetting of the 7 countries Trump’s team used for their drafting, and the only thing they had in common with recent bans is the names of those 7 countries, otherwise they differ radically with any immigration or national security policy weve ever seen.
The ban also included legal green card holders by targeting them for their religion. It ostracized and impeded the work of dual citizens, interpreters, and ambassadors that are helping the American fight against ISIS on a daily basis.
The inflammatory nature and unintended effects of the religious inclusions in the orders may create new enemies in a war against an ideology.While also being too broad to target possible terrorists accurately.
For 50 years The United States immigration statute prohibited the kind of discrimination that this travel ban requires engagement in. Perhaps most importantly the United States Constitution prohibits targeting people because of their religion, which this executive travel ban is a very lightly veiled attempt to do.

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