7 Ways to Combat Political Fatigue

It’s easy to feel surrounded by political news and opinion. Understandably, it’s also common to feel like you’r hitting a brick wall and fatigue sets in. Staying informed and active is a necessity, but self-care is key to being the happiest, most effective you.

By Lauren WagnerSelf-care is different for everyone. For me it involves hiking in the wood to take pictures of raptors, but I know that’s not for everyone. I’ve compiled a list of much more universally applicable ways to help yourself move through this political climate.

7 Ways to Combat Political Fatigue

  1. Take time off! If you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, and tense give yourself a day (or more) away from news, & social media. Think of a few things you’ve been meaning to do, or would like to try and spend that free time on you-time.
  2. Keep perspective. Remember, American politics have always been a marathon, not a race. When you feel like things are especially dire take a step back and think of other times in history when thing must have felt hopeless…because now we know they weren’t.
  3. Feel free to hide people. If someone is continually bugging you on social media, simply take a vacation from them. Hide their posts for a while and check back in when you feel less run down, or you miss seeing pictures of their cute cat.
  4. Ask ahead if you want to avoid political conversations. Things have gotten ugly out there in the world of politics. If there’s someone you know you can’t constructively discuss current political events with respectfully ask ahead to avoid the topic. Dialog is good, and ultimately necessary to get us out of this divided rut, but one must pick their battles wisely.
  5. Seek out the good! Whether it’s in people, or daily news seek out the good. Often it might not be the first thing you see highlighted, but good things are happening all around us.
  6. Laugh it off. Laughing meditation is something anyone can do. It may seem silly, but helps immediately shift energy and relieves tension. Take a deep breath, exhale and start to laugh, then repeat. Breathe from your diaphragm, and if you need reminding put your hand on it. Try to laugh for at least 2 minutes. It really is a good medicine.
  7. Drink more water. We’re 50-65% water, it helps everything.

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