10 Reasons Trumpcare Guarantees Bipartisan Suffering

The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, has catered to people without workplace health coverage, and allowed states to cover more low-income adults by expanding Medicaid programs. That access to coverage has pushed the nation’s uninsured rate to a historic low of below 9 percent. The ACA, has been flawed, but it also allowed 20 million Americans to secured health insurance, and at least 15 million Americans, Republican and Democrat alike, will lose it under the American Health Care Act, or Trumpcare.

Instead of addressing the few issues with ACA that need bipartisan negotiation (as democrats have tried to for years) the GOP is pushing to scrap ACA and replace it with Trumpcare. Trumpcare promises more choice to consumers, but choice hasn’t been Americans first complaints. The new plan has been pitched as a fix for “failing Obamacare”, but it shifts financial burdens from the young and rich to the old and poor. It also radically overhauls Medicare Moving forward with Trumpcare blatantly risks causing damage to the parts of ACA that are working well while creating many more new problems without solutions.

Americans may be greatly divided on political opinion, but whether they’ve endorsed or despised the Trump administration they’ll suffer equally under his health care act, and here’s 10 reasons why.

10 Reasons Trumpcare will Guarantee Bipartisan Suffering:

  1. Trumpcare dismantles Medicaid, which now covers 1 in 5 people in the U.S. offering care to 11 million of the working poor, elderly, and newborns in Americans. Medicaid is notorious for limiting payouts, but hospital systems report preference for Medicaid coverage vs all the uninsured patients they saw before.
  2. Ending open-ended federal health financing will harm poorer states.
  3. Tax subsidies once based on income would now be based on age, basically an age tax.
  4. ACA limited rates insurers could charge their oldest pre-Medicaid customers to 3 times the charge for younger adults. Trumpcare raises that limit to 5 times or more the cost of coverage for younger adults. People will be priced out of this market…especially older ones.
  5. Trumpcare includes a 275 billion tax break for the top 2%.
  6. ACA’s individual market was too weak to draw in enough young healthy people. Instead of fixing that factor to cover more Americans (a complex, but solvable issue) Trumpcare will significantly weaken the incentives for young healthy people, and when they leave the market premiums for older Americans with no other choice than to have coverage will soar to devastating highs.
  7. Non-partisan Congressional Business Office, CBO, will soon release their official estimate on cost and effectiveness of Trumpcare, and republican leaders appear to be trying to preemptively undermine their credibility.
  8. Arguments against ACA focus on increased cost in the form of tax burden and individual health care spending. Trumpcare is not designed to reduce the financial burden on citizens or to reduce government spending.
  9. Americans haven’t complained about having coverage available with ACA, but are burdened by cost. Trumpcare not only wont address rising costs, but will also gamble with the health coverage of millions of Americans…and will most likely lose their coverage for them.
  10. Trumpcare still includes popular requirements like preexisting conditions and keeping children on policies until 25, BUT also frees insurers to raise their premiums to meet these standards, which I’m sure they will happily do. Yet another avenue for lower income Americans to be priced out of the health care market entirely.

Perhaps ironically, early projections show that Trumpcare will damage health care most in the most federally-dependent states, and rural areas in a broad range of states; Both locations President Trump won votes and loyalty in overwhelmingly. When it comes to health care there’s no joy in being right about the destructive fallout repealing and replacing ACA. Lawmakers who actually valued American health and lives would keep and improve successful policies instead of uprooting them to line the pockets of insurance providers with the life savings of our aging parents.


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  1. Great round up. Also, some people are saying we should name it Republican Health plan (or something representing the GOP), in case, Trump gets impeached, they can own this disaster!

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