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About Me,
I am a writer, a mother and a wife. I am a paramedic, despite being off the ambulance for years, because once you are one…you are. I am an empath and a patriot. Driven to EMS by the reality-shattering loss of 9/11. I am a passionate political dork and obsessive investigator who thrives on research and loves sharing results. I am the one who came out in high school in St. Charles, Missouri. The one they called brave when I was really just naive and haplessly earnest. I am a fierce freedom fighter, all grown into my destiny for humanitarian activism. I am social yet awkward at the same time…usually obliviously so.

I am opinionated, outspoken, and full of ideas about justice. I am someone who knows the sting of injustice.I am an accidental teacher. So far stumbling into teaching swimming and lifeguarding, then aspiring EMT’s and Paramedics. Now writing instruction and poetry workshopping. I am a person who loves people. Others have said I can talk to anyone, but I think that goes a bit too far. I am an armature photographer, who loves nature and birds, and almost fell off a cliff in Oregon once to get a shot of an eagle.

I am a Minnesota transplant, who loves outdoor exploring, the shenanigans of parenting, classic Fords, in home automotive adventures, most musicals, critical thinking, respectful debate, and compelling conversation. I am a fan of self-care, sentiment, optimistic realism, and basically all things heart tugging.

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